• Christmas Bow Mind Meld

    Christmas Bow Nosedive - You will need small bows, Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) and Bowls. Place the bowls a foot apart, with the bows in 1 bowl. When the clock starts, each competitor may dip their nose in petroleum jelly and try to pick up a bow with their nose. Players are only allowed to apply petroleum jelly by dipping their noses in petroleum jelly.


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    The player must place the Christmas bow directly from the nose into the end bowl without coming into contact with any other body part or object. To complete the game, a player must be the first to transport 5 bows from the starting bowl to the ending bowl, with all 5 Christmas bows in the bowl at the same time.


    Christmas Bow Mind Meld - Place a Christmas Bow between the foreheads of two people and race to the finish.


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    Christmas Bow Toothpick Relay - Each youngster holds a toothpick between their teeth and they must get a Christmas Bow along the row of youngsters to the end of the row. The first team to pass all arches to the end wins. No hands allowed.


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    Describe some of the Christmas presents under your tree.

    How are they packaged? What colors are the arches?

    What are some of the things we need to wrap a Christmas present?

    The wrapping paper, ribbons and bows are used for decorating. How would you like to get a bow for Christmas? Just an arch?




    What are some things we think about when we think about Christmas?

    Christmas is not about the decorations. It's about the gift. At Christmas come a lot of decorations - There are the Christmas trees; there are Christmas lights, carols, candy canes, angels, nativity scenes, Christmas cards, Christmas bows, wrapping paper and even Santa and elves. But, like a Christmas bow, these are just the decorations. They are not the most important thing about Christmas. Christmas is about the greatest gift - it's about Jesus.

    It's sad that so many people enjoy all the Christmas wrapping and decorations, but they have forgotten about the gift.


    Read the Christmas story from the Bible:

    Matthew 1: 18-25; Matthew 2: 1-12; Luke 1: 26-38; Luke 2: 1-20.



    How many of you never open your presents at Christmas? You just leave them under the tree with all the shells, never to discover what's inside. Many people enjoy all the beauty of Christmas, but they missed the Christ at Christmas. The gift of Jesus, of peace with God, of salvation is never received and remains just something to look at or just another adornment.

    Unless Jesus is received into our hearts, the gift can just as well remain under the tree as an unopened gift.

    Let your light shine so that people will know that the true gift of Christmas is not in all decorations, but in Jesus.

    Ken has been actively involved in the Church ministry for nearly 20 years and has been writing youth material since 1988. He has written for countless youth weekends and summer camps around the world. He also conducts training workshops for youth leaders and teachers in Asia and is recommended by others for his creativity and passion for mentorship.